Zom 100 #01 — A Cry For Unionization

July 9th, 2023


Zombies sure are agile here.


Oh hey. The first non-GoHands show with any kind of budget. Everything involving zombies was animated as hell, stylized and over the top, full of color and expression, etc. I guess technically the first half largely was too, but that was trying to present unrelenting misery, all the way to "Oh, and my crush is being raped by my boss, as they do." The entire work bit I feel was a bit excessive, mostly for taking up half the goddamned episode. I understand it's largely a cultural gap (thanks, unions!), but still, we get it. Nobody needs the monotony or exploitation of corporations explained to them for thirteen straight minutes.

I think that it also did the show no favors to have the protagonist start out as such a sad sack for so long. Thankfully, he did pick it up once the apocalypse began, but again, thirteen minutes of being an unrelenting sad sack of misery is a lot to stomach with nothing to liven it up but some very, very light internally narrated sarcasm. If it even was meant to be such. All I can imagine is uncomfortable chuckles as it's joking about various forms of abuse. Hopefully all that is behind the show now though and it can move forward. Preferably in a direction that involves less internal narration in general. 

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  • residentgrigo says:

    This is alright but not 14 volumes and going worth it alright. The Umbrella Corps with a minimally renamed name shows up later so that is the level of genre commentary we have here.