Synduality Noir #04 — Evil Wheels

July 31st, 2023


Can you imagine the pollen?


At this point, I'm wondering if the entire show is just going to be these one-off episodes introducing completely random people to never be seen again. Which would be fine if the episodic stories were interesting enough. I have no problem with the Garou kind of approach as they sprinkle in little clues and pseudo flashbacks for Noir, though even those aren't that interesting. She has some kind of past. It involves some old lady and plants, I guess. 

But last week's story was just "dude in mask," and this week is "lady with ALL the cleavage" doing the whole Fujiko Mine thing. Both she and her robo pal are here to rub their chests all over the protagonist while protecting some random flower field from… monster wheels, only to run off with the treasure. And at no point was anybody ever really threatened, and nobody learned some valuable lesson about themselves or anything. They went out of their way to show that the babysitter dude was just hanging around, waiting to see if he was needed at any point and he seemed to be there just so he could do a super rad kick flip and ride around on one of the wheels for a few seconds. So I'm not sure what the point was. To have a lady with more cleavage than the Grand Canyon, I guess.


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