Synduality Noir #03 — What Happens in Vegas…

July 24th, 2023


Boing boing.


Not a particularly interesting episode, and I'm not sure what the point of it actually was. You'd think they'd do at least… something… with going to Las Vegas Desire Nest, but it's just an excuse for a couple boob boing boing jokes, and then Kanata sits in a room with a weird dude in an eye mask for most of the time. Even that room is bizarre. It's a bunch of chairs all facing the same wall like an airport lobby. Granted, I haven't been in too many gentlemen clubs/smoking rooms, so maybe this is the norm, but I doubt it. Especially the loud, dramatic violin stings. 

Meanwhile, the girls pick up a random hitchhiker, the robo-servant/partner of the eyemask dude, who is sort of reminiscent of Noir and then fight some random monsters before the boys show up to bail them out, but not without some nagging anyway. And then get bailed out by the new characters who come in and one-shot all the monster dogs and umbrellas. So is this dude supposed to be another rival? Or a cameo from the other parts of the franchise? Who knows! 


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