Synduality Noir #02 — Team Rocket’s Blasting Off Again

July 17th, 2023


Three whole carrots on a towel!?


This show continues to be far, far more childish and… uh… stupider… than I was expecting. I think I'm okay with that for now, but I don't know that a couple ridiculous Team Rocket-like antagonists are a trade up from the weird generic wheel monsters of the first episode. There's still amusement to be had from the abject silliness of going to a rave bar and running into an Ohoho lady wearing nothing but a jacket and bikini, ordering three whole carrots to lord over the peasants, while her (explicitly now) master is a wannabe punk driving around in a giant trailer listening to hard rock with a tiger painted on the side. He, of course, has nothing on his mind but being in a dick swinging contest with the protagonist for no actual reason, which, again, of course, results in kidnapping Noir, just so they can immediately and effortlessly be humiliated and go flying off on their Scooty Puff Jr shouting back behind them that this won't be the last you'll see of them.

It felt like I stumbled into a Saturday morning kids' show for selling toy robots or collectable cards, which maybe this is, to be honest. I cherish my ignorance of the franchise this is meant to be pitching which I don't believe actually exists yet. I can say that the production was definitely down from last week, but is still far from the embarrassingly poor levels set by all the reincarnation crap. It also didn't do anything to advance the overall story. They looked for and found a camera at the start, which then turned out to be useless. But he, uh, officially necked her, I guess. So now they're… official? Sure, whatever you say. Go enjoy your gourmet rave carrots.


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