Malevolent Spirits #15 — Girls’ Association

July 17th, 2023


Why does 75% of this episode even exist?


I don't know who was asking for an entire episode centered on Botan's godawful friends, but here you are. A bunch of idiots who lock men in rooms and scream at them like lunatics, and then lament how they can't get laid for some reason. This then repeats, consuming goddamned fifteen minutes of the episode before the umbrella lady from the first episode finally decides to stop lurking and actually do something, which is to take everybody into the knifey-gropey dimension. 

The only positive part of the episode is that the music was appropriately creepy during the grope-fest, and the electric guitars for Hyoma's entrance were… okay, I guess. They were severely undermined by that scene going on for nearly three straight minutes because it was too close to the end of the episode to actually do anything, apparently. Maybe we could've skipped some of the… *waves hands* every other goddamned part of this episode to fix the pacing. But at least Botan continued to sit there and whimper like she always does. Fantastic use of this character, who I never get tired of seeing and being not-actually involved with anything.


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Oh, are we finally fighting?

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One Lonely Comment

  • Chipp says:

    The last part was excellent though. Much better at bringing the horror atmosphere than both episodes of Dark Gathering combined.