Liar Liar #02 — The Exposition Will Continue

July 8th, 2023


Even for Geek Toys, this show was pathetic.


You thought this was a battle school thing? You thought wrong. It's another goddamned stealth cheat power show, where his cheat power is that he has a billionaire supporting him, pulling strings, and screwing with other people. Okay, maybe that's not such a big twist given how many godawful status screens were in the previous episode. But after the twenty minutes of explaining things to the godawful protagonist, here's another twenty minutes of explaining things some more. That he's garbage. That they're going to cheat for him. That some girl was kidnapped, with a big-ass bold block text "KIDNAPPED" slapped on screen to make sure that absolutely nobody misses this supposedly important plot point. 

You know how to do better, anime industry. Even BakaTest was this schtick but far far better with cutesy chibi fighting thingies right up until it became all weird haremy melodrama nonsense. Just watch some heist stuff and crib from that. Copy Burn Notice if you have to, and you'd still be coming out with more ingenuity, not to mention Bruce Campbell. What on earth am I going to do with Saturdays. The best thing so far has been Temple, because it hasn't aired yet, and I expect in about an hour, for even that to collapse under a mountain of stumbling into boobs and naked girls. I guess let's hope that Ayaka has an incredible second episode that claws itself back from sub-mediocrity. Good lord, this season's opening episodes have been close to universally awful.

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