Level 1 Overlord #04 — PooCuber

July 24th, 2023


That's what we're going with, huh?


And I'm deeply rethinking any desire to continue with this. It still wasn't as annoyingly shouty as the first episode, but it was all trashy fanservice from start to finish. Half-assed at that since much of it was just pictures in a book for getting the dude laid while he kept yelling "THEY ARE MONSTER GIRLS." Interspecies Reviewers leaned into that schtick hard and understood that there were fetishes and all sorts of… I hesitate to say weird, but weird sex stuff that, hey, no shame. Some people like six packs. Some like slithery scales. Yelling "THAT IS A MONSTER GIRL" over and over and over is… tiresome.

And then for the second half, he attempts to become a streamer on… *sigh*… PooCube, but learns the 'valuable' lesson that sex sells, so just whores out whose-her-face. Which has as much understanding of streamers and streamer culture as you'd expect, not to mention the misogynistic undertones against female streamers. Probably playing right to the anime audience, I guess, but there aren't any jokes here except "attractive female acts slutty for views."


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  • Chipp12 says:

    I’d prefer trashy all the way compared to those stale attempts at comedy. Too bad it’s not even that.

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