Level 1 Overlord #03 — Never Trust Priests

July 17th, 2023


At least he probably wasn't molesting anybody.


This show doesn't feel like it actually has any idea what it wants to do or be. After the first episode was all gags, the second episode struck a better mix between character and humor, then this episode was all dramatic nonsense. The cleric dude is a huckster scumbag who spends the whole episode trying to talk up the righteousness of going to war against the other dude, bookended by the story about how he was milking an entire town out of their money, but fought a few monsters on their behalf, so is supposedly actually a good guy. And it wasn't even clear some 20 minutes into the episode whether or not he was a complete fraud or not. The charms sort of worked, until they didn't. Why? A particularly strong lightning goat? Not clear, and something that really should have been, not tucked away at the end.

If you're wondering where the humor is in any of that, the one joke in the episode is that he was freaked out by the ghost girl in the closet that apparently only he can see, which I guess answers the question of what exactly is going on with that, and seems like a much more important piece of lore than all the geopolitical politics going on in the background of the completely nonsense setting that advanced approximately three centuries overnight. Which also leaves the episode without any kind of satisfying conclusion, unlike last week's that I was a little more up on.


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