Classroom of Heroes #04 — Speed Dieting

July 30th, 2023


High class humor this episode.


Oof. I didn't expect much from the fight, and that's exactly what it gave. Sure seems like only two people did all the work and a whole lot of handwaving over some half-assed knockoff spirit bomb. This show doesn't have the budget for much more than stills and speedlines and… that's what we got. Who knows why that needed to be stretched out across another multiple episodes. 

But that was over by about six minutes into the episode and instead it moved on to about fifteen minutes of fat jokes, complete with doing the standard anime bloated pig voice. I'd say that they're the lowest hanging fruit on the joke tree, but given anime's predilection for screaming at random and trying to call that a joke, I don't even know where the bar is anymore. Oh, and she was also naked for no particular reason, but only the fanservice friendly form.


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