The Witch From Mercury #20 — Rocks Fall, NPCs Die

June 4th, 2023


How dramatic.


On one hand, there's a lot of fighting this week. On the other hand, guess who continues to sit in time out. The world's most well-behaved yak. And all the protagonists. Hell, Miorine only appears in the episode for about three seconds at the start. Mostly, it's a dick swinging party between Guel and Shaddiq, two spoiled brats who haven't won a single fight without cheating, having a piss fight over who has the most divine right by being born rich… and cheating. I'm not exactly invested in this fight, and being Gundam, it's still absolutely hand-wavey over what beam swords or beam cannons completely ignore being blocked and what are instant kills anyway.

The terrorist girl was also let out of timeout just to cause some random violence and then be killed by some randos. Remember, random excessive violence on the quad was fine when it was over who got to own a slave wife, but this? This is tragic. See all these broken bodies? Hear this sad music? Such tragedy and suffering. Not manipulative at all. But again, the real kicker is that none of the goddamned protagonists are just sitting in their corners, weepily moping that something happened. Get off your goddamned asses.


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  • Anonymous says:

    To be fair its the difference between a 17th century duels and a school shooter.

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