The Marginal Service #09 — Mixing Bodily Fluids

June 6th, 2023


Was this supposed to be the old dude's episode?


I've seen this kind of episode done too many times far better in everything from Star Trek to Supernatural to Teen Titans for this half-assed attempt to work. Dude is still partially under the effects of the angel mind gunk and becoming increasingly paranoid, but instead of running with that to go darker and more desperate, it wants to go the comedy angle, but since we're using the most joyless and serious character of the bunch, jokey doesn't work. It's not serious enough to be tense, but the height of the jokes is "if you're really a human, then… EAT THIS GARLIC!" That's hardly a joke.

There's all kinds of twists they could've pulled or at least faked, like them all seemingly being non-humans and then his blood also testing 'bad,' but we get… nothing. Just the anti-climax that they were all faking it with the intial bit of trying to get at Rubber totally forgotten to end with a weird cliffhanger about some… uh… other thing happening to… uh… some unnamed person that the dude apparently has some connection to? Again, so very half-assed. I liked this show more when it was digging out tengu noses as part of a pacifist serial bombing spree. 


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