The Heavenly Delusion #10 — Ice, Ice, Baby

June 3rd, 2023


Finding the budget again, are we?


Thankfully back to a very episodic story, though like the 'immortals' arc, it seems bound and determined to end every single story in an abrupt turn to the upsetting, despite spending most of the first half being Looney Tunes goofy, exaggerated facial expressions, slapstick, the works. Contrast, levity, and seriousness are all important, but the hard turn from Saturday morning cartoon into abrupt gory throat slitting still does not work for me at all, even with some particularly stylish frostbite action in the middle. It's welcome after the last couple episodes, but again, the ending puts a dour on the whole thing, and the wacky antics of the first five minutes or so and then again in the middle felt very out of place.

There wasn't all that much interesting going on with the characters or greater story though. Which is fine, mind you, outside of approaching the end of the season with nothing wrapping up nor any end arc in sight. I suppose you could say that it confirms that there are humans out in the wild with supernatural powers besides Maru, but that doesn't seem like much of a revelation nor am I sure that this episode is supposed to be a step towards encountering more of them. Presumably lab leaks, but who knows. 

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