Magical Destroyers #09 — Peak Male Form

June 2nd, 2023


You'd think Blue would be more into the giant tongue.


Even for this show, this was a pretty messed up episode. Between the severed head baddie with basically Luffy powers, the giant drug-aura powers of Blue and Pink, going all Dullahan on a sex doll, and then ending with an Akira bit, it was certainly… an episode. Can't say that it had much to actually do with anything otaku culture though. Maybe it was supposed to be a reference to all the weird incest bro/siscon stuff from the OreImo era? The severed head makes me think of a Suda51 game though since he loves that schtick. Oh, and his sister was also an obsessive murderous lunatic, both of whom were unceremoniously pithed by Nega-Anarchy Slayer before she pissed back off again. We're running out of episodes. She already did this back in episode 3. It's long past time for her to do something else.

And yet, the part that seemed weirdest to me was that Otaku Hero and Anarchy spent almost the entire episode sitting on the sideline. This was entirely just Blue and Pink fighting Not-Luffy's severed head who spent the entire thing ranting about his sister. It was also a little weird for those super drugs from a few episodes back to be brought out here since they didn't really seem to be struggling that much with the dude. Seemingly it's a way to get Blue/Pink out of the picture for the finale, but the giant aura thingies didn't do all that much either. It was at least an actual fight from start to finish. Just a very weird one, even for this show. 


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chipp12 says:

    Well at the very least we’ve returned to the main plot – defeating Shobon who’s guarded by Four Kings. The first one bit the dust back in episode 3 and it didn’t take until episode 8 to get to the next one.

  • NeclordX says:

    The oreimo era…you said that as if we were past the incests

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