Dead Mount Death Play #09 — Basement Bargaining

June 5th, 2023


Whoever thought this clown was a good idea needs to be bludgeoned with a trout.


I think we can just say that any episode where the protagonists spend the entire thing sitting on their asses is an episode that I'm going to have a mountain of disdain for. We're now dealing with the pen ghost for some reason, who of course is intimately connected to not just the cops, but the orgy bar lady, and the Looney Tunes magician running in the background doing godawful schtick. That bit is not becoming any more tolerable the more that it does it, and I'll also point out that the protagonists have no clue that this idiot even exists at all. I'm not sure they know that the real arsonist exists either for that matter. How could they when they never leave their goddamned room?

There's very little else to say past that. Even if this conspiracy over some random mark was interesting (it's not), it's being delivered so dryly that there's no actual intrigue or tension over it. How many times do we need to have characters say "This symbol means something, but we're not going to explain what"? Does every single named character in the show need to have that conversation? Apparently so.


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