The Witch From Mercury #19 — Everyone Sits in Their Rooms

May 28th, 2023


That one girl got her toenails done, I guess.


I don't even want to talk about this episode. I've already said over and over that the weird-ass socio-political stuff in this show bores me to tears, and recent episodes have been leaning harder and harder into it. Except what are the characters doing? Guel's sitting in a chair the entire episode. Miorine is having tea at a meeting. Suletta is in her room feeling sorry for herself. The suicide squad is… also still sitting in their room feeling sorry for themselves for I think the fourth straight episode. Every single character is absolutely helpless and passive to everything going on around them. Only able to gawk, marvel, and poorly explain all the things happening not even directly to them, but in their vague area that may or may not affect them in a way to be explained later

The only character doing anything, some nineteen goddamned episodes in, and again approximately 19 minutes into the episode, is Prospera shockingly… shockingly I say, using deploying a WMD to civil unrest as an excuse to piss off and uncover a whole swarm of mothballed Gundams to blow up. Which is apparently part of some extra further conspiracy. Instead of unraveling things as we approach the 'ending' (which will not be an ending in any way at this point), and tieing them to characters, this nonsense is only getting more opaque and incomprehensible. The audience should not need a conspiracy corkboard just to understand what the hell is going on… in the goddamned background. When it was about the wacky school rules and duels and nonsense, I could at least marvel at how silly it was, and that still directly involved the characters being absolute prats. Lately though? They're still prats, because they're all just sitting around having tea, the only true constant in this idiotic show.


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  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone cares so much for Suletta that Im surprised she has not killed herself from all the care.

  • Anonymous says:

    oh and my favorite bit was when a mastermind who has been hiding in plain sight was outed by some street kid saying stuff off hand.

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