The Witch From Mercury #18 — Glad Handing

May 19th, 2023


Are we still reviewing the minutes?

Somebody at Amazon did a whoopsie and made the episode public a day and a half early.


Today's apparently the day for crazy AIs, although that's probably selling the episode way too high. I can see why they needed a week break. It takes a lot of animation muscle to animate 18 straight minutes of people having meetings. Again. For like the seventh episode in this show. I'm pretty sure that even if I was going over all these dumbass logistics with a fine tooth comb, I still would not be able to pick out any reason why matters at all. There is conflict going on… somewhere… just off-screen. It is constant and never changing, but always so important that we must spend 30 minutes out of every 45 reviewing that it is happening.

It isn't until eighteen and a half minutes in that the super duper ultimate weapon is just out with zero security for Suletta to stumble into and discover that the Eri-AI shares mommy's general sociopathy. Sure, you're setting her free, right into the empty vacuum of space. I'm sure she'll be fine. So we're into the super duper ultra angsty portion where Suletta spends the whole thing feeling sorry for herself while everybody else is busy plotting war crimes by tossing a WMD into social uprisings. She seemed like she was at least trying to move on and was excelling even, right until those dastardly mean school bullies show up to call her mean names and we get the whole "it's all my fault for failing Miorine." I do not have the glimmest hope that the writers here understand that her reliance on all the people gaslighting and abusing her will go anywhere good because I have zero expectation or belief that she's capable of growing or developing. She'll just Try Her Best slightly harder, one more time, proving the depth of her superficial feelings based on nothing, and everything will work out with hugs and rainbows for all. Yay.

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