The Marginal Service #08 — Be Not Afraid… Of Discount Prices

May 30th, 2023


What even was your plan here, dude?


Come on, guys. Resident Evil is right there. I know you're aware of it. You had a horribly drawn Jill Valentine in your not-parodies at the start. Or I guess since it's a mall, we could do Dead Rising instead. These aren't even Western franchises. This is on top of the completely nonsensical reasoning for the episode taking place in a mall in the first place. It's been converted to a demi-human jail, which is why they're delivering Rubber there, except that it's also stil a fully functioning mall, completely stocked, full of random employees, etc. And also a bunch of superhuman criminals in mixed gender holding, which feels just plain irresponsible for multiple reasons.

They don't even do anything with the zombies either. The plague started because they took off Rubber's suit, revealing him to be an angel constantly emitting magical gas that gives them PTSD and turns them grey. More time is spent explaining that than on the zombies doing anything zombie-like. Not even a Thriller dance. Also, if you know that these people are sick, shooting them also seems deeply irresponsible… and then they start chopping at them with a hatchet. So then they threaten to stuff him in a bag, he gives a whole speech about how he's just going to stand there and then… they stuff him in bag with no resistance, and he's held at bay with a zipper. Uh, okay. Great boss fight, guys. 

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