The Marginal Service #07 — Revenge is a Dish Best Served

May 23rd, 2023


Cold, hot, whatever. Just serve it.


Things were already on pretty silly grounds when the black dude's tragic backstory was about how his pet dog died and then they stumbled upon an identical dog. But then we tried to go for the full uber melodrama by 'killing' a girlfriend too, only to then reveal that both the girlfriend and the dog were completely fine. Not just fine, but we have her on Zoom right now. And the dog sitting 10 feet away, patiently waiting for the reveal. 

These are the gag characters, you'll recall. Supposedly hardened adult mercenaries who are shocked to learn that the other might have been a mercenary against them at some point. And then Rubber blows up his mansion and… surrenders? I'm having a hard time even remembering what great evil he did. He ran some drugs for like one episode? Kidnapped an abandoned dog? I would say I've lost the plot thread of this show, but I'm not sure it had one to begin with.  

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