The Heavenly Delusion #09 — Story Time

May 27th, 2023


Nobody ever wondered about the magic winged psychic alien person?


An episode mainly centered on the vault and that side of the story still hasn't really started going anywhere. Hell, it starts with a flashback to the one extra-mutated girl who killed herself, or maybe just ascended to a higher plane. Apparently her ghost is still hanging around or something. Like all the vault stuff, it's not really clear, nor is it actually tied to any of the characters. Tokio herself all but doesn't appear at all here, let alone do anything. Instead, we get office politics. Because that's what I think everybody wanted to see.

On the outer apocalypse side, all that happens is that they stumble on some random guy who offers to tell them some stories. If this was an RPG or something, all of them would probably be at least somewhat true and foreshadowing in some way, even the weird-ass one about a society of amazons harvesting men's 'seed', but I don't have that kind of confidence that this wasn't just a one-off joke, nor that the story would even get to any of these things at any point. The meandering is getting very old and boring, especially if they're going to make such a mess of the few arcs it does have.


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  • Chipp12 says:

    Dunno I feel like the episode has given some pretty important hints:
    1) Maru is most likely Tokio’s kid (considering that they look pretty similar and his special powers)
    2) The vault stuff most likely all happened in past and the mutated monsters are the result of the experiments that took place there
    3) Asura is most likely still alive (in spirit) in the vault arc and is the one manipulating the camera footage

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