The Heavenly Delusion #08 — Death With Dignity

May 20th, 2023


So… we're just leaving the cult and the hospital to that monster?


We sure wasted no time whatsoever in showing that one side was a crazy-ass cult and the other just wanted to help a terminally sick girl die with some dignity instead of being transformed into a monster, doing nothing particularly objectionable at all. It's so black and white that the drama doesn't work for me. We don't see the protagonists or the doctor desperate to find another way to save her that this is the only way. It's only a couple minutes in between introduction and mercy killing, not that you'd think that by the music blasting sad piano with the volume at maximum.

The weirder part to me though is the 'resolution' to the various parts of the episode, not the least of which because it seems like they put things in a weird order. Cult takes the hospital, but there's still a monster lurking, so we're not done here, but then it's time to leave so let's finally ask around to see if anybody knows the people we're looking for, so I guess we are done here? And then the dude kills himself… out of grief, I guess? What's meant to be the takeaway here? Especially for a character whose only trait was selflessly helping tons of people. Depression comes for us all? Everything is hopeless? The whole back half of the episode just feels disjointed and like it's missing important scenes.  

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