Magical Destroyers #08 — “Let’s Highway to Hell”

May 26th, 2023


That was certainly an attempt at English.


I'm not sure I really get what this episode was going for. I guess this was supposed to be the idol episode, but it was more about Otaku Hero having a slow motion panic attack over everything that could/would go wrong with being the producer for a 'party.' Very unnerving, and low budget for that matter, the entire way through with lots of unsettling close-ups and unnerving visual effects. And instead of bubblegum pop, acoustic country guitar. Then they all clapped. Which somehow turned into straight up shouty rap. Which was somehow better for some reason?

It is a good choice for the 'music' part to be extremely underproduced and kind of bad, more the rap than Otaku Hero's song. It keeps it raw and does I guess work with the whole unnerving first half of the episode in that it keeps the messy vibe going. It definitely won't be selling any CDs off that performance. But it is also the same thing that anime always does; make a mountain out of the molehill of even trying at all, even though the thing then goes off without a single hitch, severed talking heads aside, and that's long since become pretty uninteresting to me. I don't think we're supposed to read all that much into Otaku Hero's various doom and gloom thoughts, but maybe we are and they're meant to be foreshadowing or something? It's, again, messy, but I'm not convinced that much of it was for any greater purpose. 


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