Magical Destroyers #07 — Game Over, Man

May 19th, 2023


Of course they're playing Uno.


This episode had a very "How do you do, fellow gamers" kind of deal to me. A few pixel art Final Fantasy shots and… that was about 90% of it. Occasionally, a health bar would pop up, they'd yell "this is just like my video games!", or they'd be holding a game controller. This was a golden chance to do bullet hell or fighting game parody, but instead, we just hop into a pair of giant robots and do sky punchies with Generic Evil Crazy AI. Perhaps it's that they seemed to be aware that they could've made those jokes, like the one very, very brief Megaman moment, but chose not to. Even the antagonist here is a kiddie abusing cheats who got mad because he was banned. That's just dumb.

So despite it coming in off a cliffhanger from last week, this ended up being a somewhat pointless generic filler episode. Nothing totally wrong with that, so long as the episode itself is good (which this was mediocre at best), but I can't help but think back to the car episode which had its A plot, B plot, and had a major antagonist roll in to gruesomely slaughter people… who has since been stuck in time-out for no good reason. I want to get back to her and a real fight, or at least some nerd fandoms that the creators actually know at least a little bit about to make some actual jokes instead of superficial references.

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