Dead Mount Death Play #08 — “Now To Review My Entire Character”

May 29th, 2023


What an impressively awful episode.


Ostensibly, it's about the shark girl and her assistant forcibly living with the idiots, but the script is so incredibly idiotic and on the nose. The kid literally wakes up and starts narrating every single detail of his motivations and backstory, followed by a flashback further elucidating it, before we cut over to the orgy which is being interrupted by additional exposition. "So anyway, I'm a spy. Not just a spy, but a child assassin. And I am super duper jealous of Polka." This character has not done a single damn thing, and yet we spent something like eight straight minutes having characters dryly read off their Wikipedia entry. And at the end of it… nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So there goes half the episode. How about the other half? It's the police doing recap. And the criminals doing recap. Just everybody recapping to each other. Another goddamned episode where everybody is just sitting in meetings that could have been a post-it note. And once again, the protagonists didn't manage to even make it out of their room. Marvel at how much is very nearly almost going on, if anybody could be bothered to get up off their asses… some other week. 

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