Dead Mount Death Play #07 — Breaking the Law

May 22nd, 2023


So much for the breakneck pace.


After last week's fast-paced episode, we get… whatever the hell this was. The seemingly Hannibal mad genius in the jail turns out to be a corny stage magician run away from… I don't know… a Sonic the Hedgehog episode or something, whose greatest crime is random acts of pranking the police. And they busted out all the Looney Tunes sound effects and goofy dumbassery for it. Was this schtick meant to be funny? Is what this show needed slapstick and boinging spring sound effects? Levity does not mean screaming idiots and slipping on banana peels.

I don't understand what they're thinking here at all, and they made zero effort whatsoever to make this idiot meaningful or have a point either. He's just a literally random clown running around for two thirds of the episode, while the remaining third is once again the protagonists sitting at their little tables, doing review. At first, of the show's premise and plot, and then later, about this nimrod. The only tenuous connection is that he's interested in the random pyromaniac wandering around who killed the antagonist from the previous episode. But is anybody else? Do the protagonists even care? Should the protagonists care? Those are probably important things to establish instead of spending a whole week following Mr Fantastico's silly antics!


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