Your Afterschool Insomnia #01 — Yet Another Manic Pixie Dream Girl

April 10th, 2023


Even has the overalls.


Yet another mopey dude meets quirky pixie dream girl, and all of a sudden, his world is full of sparklies, music, and skipping through the streets. Literally. It's the exact same insomnia angle as Call of the Night, but instead of a vampire, is just some girl. And it's speedrunning obviating the whole premise of a mopey dude. By fifteen minutes into the episode, we're already montaging our way through the wonders of rediscovering a joy of life thanks to… having a quirky manic pixie dream girl to fawn all over you. Those be the entire characters of this episode. He is mopey. She is quirky. What an odd pair they are, just like the 57,000 others exactly like them.

These are all running together in my head lately, especially the ones that are simply a dude who has generalized existential mopiness that is instantly dissolved the second he stumbles upon the chosen girl who frolics around him for no real reason. The alien one has an alien. The emo kid one has closeups of breasts and some attempts at jokes. The new student one has a manic pixie dream boy instead of a girl. I couldn't tell you what the distinguishing hook is here, and even those are hardly hooks. Somewhat more emotional music than the others? More frolicking?   


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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    Being an imsoniac myself I can relate somehow to this, no you dont find girls when you open a closet, but the cant sleep at night (its 3:00 am right now) but you spend most of the early morning trying to sleep, thats spot on.