The Iceblade Sorceror #12 — Now Featuring: Random NPC

March 23rd, 2023


…No, really. Who on earth was this woman?


You know you're in for a good time when it's two minutes into the episode and already in utter disbelief and questioning your sanity. Who exactly is this new white haired shapeshifting woman? Did I have a stroke and completely miss an episode? She just comes out of nowhere, banishes the supposed main villain of this arc to the shadow realm. Then she goes into the shadow realm herself, where he powers up, but he forgot about her magical eyes! Forgot? Lady, I didn't even know you existed two minutes ago. I still have no idea who you are. Even after this episode, I still have no clue. Some kind of succubus maybe?

I will say this for the episode, it certainly hit its dramatic finale a hell of a lot better than Magical Revolution did, although I certainly may just be giving it some extra points in comparison just because MR was so goddamned awful in every way. Screaming in frustration and both each other than themselves, slapping, ugly, raw emotions are far more effective than silly poses and Dragonball aura flares. And then straight from that into being overtly catty with the rest of the harem as I think literally her first conversation with any of them. And then, because the show apparently needs to be nonsense to the very end, the erstwhile outer harem girl shows up to recruit him to a new tournament. But wait, there's also his little sister apparently beating up random monsters. I don't know where they're getting the notion that people want to see more of this, or that these are hooks for the source material, but the overflowing confidence does make me chuckle. We should all aspire to be so delusionally sure of ourselves.


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