The Iceblade Sorceror #11 — Kingdom Maid War

March 16th, 2023


Please shoot somebody in the face.


Not that I have high expectations for this show, but the whole squad shows up to save the day, shows that they're ready to fight by all whipping swords out of nowhere, and then all the swords but two vanish into thin air. Nor do I fully understand the plan from daddy dearest. You, and apparently everybody, knew that your bloodline was cursed, hooked up with the evil cult, handed her over, waited until the last second, and then called a meeting to ask for help? Seems like there probably should've been some kind of betrayal from the cult or at least some kind of… uh… reason… before you got cold feet and changed your mind.

Otherwise, it was largely just filler, as all maid cafes are. It's a little weird that the one girl who already met female-Ray was completely aghast by seeing it again, while the rest of the cast was more like "Goddamn, I wish I was half the woman he is." But hey, sure. We can run with that. And obligatory montage, and review of his backstory, which seems like a pretty useless power, so not totally sure why the evils even want it. Hell, I still don't even actually know what the hell the girl's deal even is. She's some… techno-babble… thing. Maybe that was explained at some point and I tuned it out, but I feel like it probably hasn't been. Not that any of the evils have ever made any actual sense I suppose though. At least we're ending with some kind of arc, even if half the cheesecake in the ED will still be ignored.

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