The Iceblade Sorceror #10 — I’m Seeing Red…

March 9th, 2023


Wrong haemolacria.


I guess it's nice that they finally decided to give a second member of the harem an arc… ten episodes in and a few from the end. That leaves only two of the teenage harem, and three of the adult harem still out in the cold. Feels like it used to be that you'd be go through a girl every two episodes or so, but no longer. Pacing is for losers. Put the hook in the title, hope you got enough votes in the poll to be picked up, let ChatGPT write until you get canceled. Japan, you really need to rethink this whole poll-based scheme you have going for writers. It doesn't work.

Aaaanyway, at least it is starting some kind of arc to end things though, even if it's devoid of any original thoughts whatsoever. The purple girl has a magic bleeding eye, she's been sold off into sexual slavery to the cult, literally everybody but the harem is aware of all of this, also has an albino sister that Ray apparently befriended while crossdressing. That last part feels like the only thing amusing enough to see, so of course it was just a 2 second shot of him creeping on her in a dress. So it's just as possible that he was just out for his morning stroll through the girl's dorm. In a dress. I wouldn't put anything past this show, especially since half the episode was just Ray and Amelia saying "maid uniforms are great" over and over.

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