Northern War #12 — Rhythm Minigame

March 24th, 2023


Someone thought this was a good idea.


It's probably not a good sign when your antagonists have to spend the entire middle half of the final episode, some ten minutes from the end, explaining their entire evil plan and the bizarre-ass gimmicky last boss battle they've decided to put up. You see, I've brought you to the shadow realm, where I've tied the lives of these literally faceless rookies to the control modules of our robot army. You must kill them with the proper timing or the curse of evil we put on Random Dude will make him go berserk. Oh, wait, I've been killed. Oops. My perfect plan!

So, yeah, it was utter nonsense right to the end, but managed to crowbar in a bunch of references to the games in the epilogue, so mission successful, I guess. Not that I expected them to salvage it, but I can say that I wasn't expecting, nor hoping for, a trip to the shadow dimension to explain a minigame that we wouldn't even be playing, while the main antagonist unceremoniously died from being stabbed in the back. Well, throat slashed, but same thing. Why didn't he do that ages ago anyway? Might've spared the kingdom at least two coups in the process. 


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