Northern War #11 — Flash Mob

March 17th, 2023


Oh, I guess we're just redeeming this dude?


It really speaks to how pointless the last couple episodes have been to just have Lavi end up right back in the throne room with the big medium bad to continue the discussion from a couple episodes ago. You'd also think that there'd be a bit more of a commotion over the robots randomly shooting at people and town water supplies being war crime poisoned, but sure. We can have this dude sitting in his giant room, all alone, completely unaware of anything happening outside his window… but also everybody's listening in to their conversation as they go about their business as usual, ready to form a flash mob of justice.

The whole middle bit where we bounced around to check in on random other Kiseki protagonists from days gone by so they can all also comment on and review the geopolitical situation probably didn't help matters either. But at least they've also fabricated a new clown antagonist. Except this one's mute instead of being an anarchist ranting about overthrowing the bourgeoisie. The 'reveal' that the one lady is the actual antagonist is also, uh… so obvious that there had to be more to it, but nope. Apparently not. Everybody knew she was evil and manipulating things, but let her do it anyway, and… yep. Is just evil and manipulating things. How could our faces be eaten by this leopard?


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