Northern War #09 — Day Drinking

March 3rd, 2023


Does nobody know how to use a chair in this show?


I miss when this show was about insane clown posses. All the pontificating nonsense about heroes and war bores me to tears, especially since most of these evil plotters seem to just stumble into someone else's plot and then yell that they're taking credit for it. Yeah, he had already kicked off a coup, but doesn't seem all that interested in who else was couping at the same time, instead choosing to sit on a table, getting drunk, right next to the corpse of someone who was poisoned to death. Kind of feel like you should be feeling a little more paranoia at the moment and not day drinking out of bitter spite for your coup not having gone exactly as planned.

And then there's Lavi's side of the story, and the continued perils of having a protagonist who's basically mute. I legitimately am not entirely sure what her plan was in any way. At one point, some of her allies said they were trying to escape. Then she had a line about how some people were being held captive. Are we talking about the corrupt political loyalists to the first warmonger? I thought we hated them too. But then the one dude shows up and lets her go… only to 10 seconds later teleport into the sewers and totally for reals not at all a dumb fake shoot her so she falls into the water and disappears. Did we miss a few scenes somewhere? I don't even recall why this guy has become so embittered anyway. Because they abandoned the one dude who's living it up at the moment, fishing and hitting on 14 year olds?


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