Nier Automata v1.1a #06 — Girl Talk

March 4th, 2023


Sad snake to the face.


I know it's not really a Nier/Yoko Taro thing, but I feel like this would work a lot better if anything was connected or flowed from one episode to the next, though the month long break certainly didn't help matters. We go from the opera robot to happy village robot all the way back to the lady that we haven't seen since… episode 2? to just randomly have an episode filling flashback. Obviously, it would all end in tragedy. Not just because this is a Yoko Taro story, but because it starts out by showing them being ambushed, having heads literally vaporized in puffs of red goo, and declaring "that was a flashback." And then we have the flashback.

So there's not a whole ton of mystery or even suspense to how it's going to turn out. So I guess it's meant to show how 2B turned from obnoxiously chirpy fanservice bait to dour and serious fanservice bait… except that we reach the point where everybody is sacrificing themselves so the rest of the team can move forward and… she just poofs right out of the flashback entirely. Soooo… not about how that changed her, or anything to do with the main character at all then. Again, if things were a bit more at least connected, it'd be easier to try to divine a point without having to dive into the wikis to sniff out what was cut or where this was meant to slot in to make it seem less like some side story that they decided to take from a paragraph aside into a whole episode.  

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  • residentgrigo says:

    This was a summary of the stage play YoRHa from 2014. The official prequel to Nier 2 from 2017.

    The 2020 ongoing manga YoRHa – Pearl Harbor Descent Record – A NieR:Automata Story currently adapts the version seen here as there are multiple Yorha script. Vol 3 just came out. One of the Yorha plays is all male btw. A shame that 2 eps couldn´t have been used for this and I never noticed that 2B and A2 have the same face in the game. Thx anime? That exmplains 9S´ later behavior even more…

    Anemone survived in the game universe and not the sex slave android Lily (a commentary on comfort women). The manga can now be seen as an official prequel to the anime as the continuity lines up, minus scenery changes. Anyway, RIP budget. Missing in action after ep 3.

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