Malevolent Spirits #12 — Stockholm Syndrome

March 27th, 2023


Your family of randos wasn't a family until your aunt kidnapped you? What?


Like High Card, this also ended with an announcement that it'd be continuing after a season break, though lord knows why when it was even further on the low side of mediocre. The dumb testing of his mettle ended with a single punch and then began the recitation of backstories yet again. That plus a weird non-training bit where Hyouma disappeared, but he had just gone across the block for a few days to practice and was apparently bad about answering his text messages. That gag might've worked had it not been literally 15 seconds between him 'disappearing' and showing up again.

More of the usual otherwise, which doesn't help the rut this show has fallen into. If you want to make Botan some kind of interesting character, she's going to have to be revealed to have brought Hyouma's family's killer to life accidentally and been aware of it the entire time or something like that. Yet another woe is Botan story isn't going to cut it, especially when her current life is absolutely nothing like it whatsoever. She doesn't trust people? She is an inoffensive blob who trusts literally everybody, from her classmates to the crazy dude who got plopped into her house out of nowhere. But sure, whatever you say, writers. Take a few months and fix the pacing at the very least, though I'd have to imagine they're not likely to see big returns on this one and the budget will instead collapse from low to zero.

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