Malevolent Spirits #11 — Clothes Horse

March 20th, 2023


These yakuza is a little weird.

In case you missed it, Nier is back on hiatus due to even more covid. I've started on next season's preview, and no, cheat power reincarnation shows are going nowhere. Still double digits. Knife me in the kidney. It'll be up either Sunday or next Tuesday depending on how much it drains my soul.


One episode from the end is a bit of a weird place to be picking up some new clothes, especially when they're identical in every way to your old clothes, but now they're magic. How are they magic? Look, they just are. My god, was that entire bit pointless, ate up over half the episode, and just drove home that the only ending to be had here will be "read the manga!" And then after that, we spend another three or four minutes doing schtick with Botan's heretofore unseen school friends. This isn't making her any more of a character, you know. 

Finally, some eighteen goddamned minutes into the episode, we have a quite literally random fight that is apparently going to be the big ending for the show. Remember the random dude from about five episodes ago who just sat around and blathered about how meaningful Botan is? I guess we're fighting him in a yard. As yet another test of mettle. Eleven out of twelve episodes, and we're still Testing His Mettle™. It is extraordinarily difficult to feel much positive about something so transparently pointless. Hell, even diving slightly more into Botan's bloody past and apparent friendship with some stabby person would be preferable, and could maybe, after an entire season, give this 'main' character some purpose that wouldn't have been equally filled by an expensive bath towel.

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