Malevolent Spirits #10 — Yet More Getting Drunk

March 13th, 2023


I am so tired of this season.


This episode rapidly went from poor to worse. We had to start out by spending a third of the episode asking if he wants to join the side that just tried to kill him. At least make the temptation to the dark side slightly tempting. At no point has he really been driven to vengeance or done anything particularly emotional or headstrong, so pausing for nigh on five minutes so that background nimrods can re-explain his backstory that has not really been engaged with at any point is not the most compelling of character moments. Choose, Hyouma, between rejecting the entire premise of the show and pursuing the quest you've barely paid attention to, or… not that.

And from there, we transition straight into unabashed filler where we remain for the rest of the episode, though to be fair, the first third was also extremely pointless. They're having a nice dinner, so everybody has a chore to do for it. Now we montage through each character in turn doing one gag for thirty seconds, which runs us right to the end of the episode. Hooray for successfully running out the clock without having to bother animating anything or coming up with any actual story or character elements. Great bloody job.

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