Malevolent Spirits #09 — Three Stooges

March 6th, 2023


Those sure were… some random dudes to fight in a lot.


We're not winding our way any closer to any kind of finale here either, which is to be expected from Jump, but not even any kind of finale arc as we spend this episode quite literally just fighting some randos in an abandoned lot. It could've been used as a way to properly introduce the pink thing, or at the very least flexed some budget for the fight sequences, but… we're just fighting some randos. Two of them are mostly fought off-screen at that, making the whole exercise even more unengaging. "You can't beat me! I've got you now!" And then the next time we see them, they're being unceremoniously executed.

And since they're just some random monsters who have no character or purposes above and beyond "we are so evil, rarr," I don't know what there is to say about (the lack of) character or story. Pink somehow gleans that Hyoma also wants revenge on the thing that killed her friends, which… really seems like it should've been taken as a given since those people were his family, and… that's sort of it. The needle girl can throw buildings too? Does that count as a character trait? It's more than the monsters of the week got, I suppose. 

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