Magical Revolution #12 — Royal Incest

March 22nd, 2023


Way to make the sex weird, dads.


What's incredible about this arc is that it's resolved by everybody abrubtly deciding they wouldn't care after all. So… right back to the status quo from before this arc, having never actually established any reason why they should care. About all the things. Becoming an autocratic tyrant, becoming an immortal demigod… oh, right. Those are the only two things. I was a child of the Buffy age. None of the things we're mewling about are actual issues, at no point have they stopped these characters, nor any characters in this show or any show, from doing anything, and the resolution is to simply return to not caring about them. At least a dragon or murderous brother was liable to stab or eat someone, not just tearfully yell "No, I care about YOU the most!" while recycling aura flairs from the previous arc, because animation budget's run dry too. 

It's just pretty much twelve minutes of crying over who's the most self-sacrificing, which is completely different from 9 out of 11 of the previous episodes where they simply explained that for the entire goddamned episode. Then they shag, because just baiting doesn't cut it any more. This isn't 2008. Which they immediately make weird by declaring her to now be her step-sister. And the figurehead queen, thus cementing her to the very end to exist solely as a hollow shell. Great character you've written here. Imagine if at any point in the show, she exerted even an ounce of agency or self-determination. And then they fly off on rocket sleds (totally different from the brooms of 11 episodes ago) and/or wings. Because they're angels. Gag me. This is what I get for having even the barest positive thought of one of these stupid reincarnation things.


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