Magical Revolution #11 — Breeders

March 15th, 2023


My god what a horrible arc for this mediocre show to go out on.


You can pretty much copy and paste everything I said about it last week because this episode was just that all over again, except now with more old men discussing how useless she is except to bear a child, and how they have no respect for her, the king, or anything, and everybody and everything exists only to serve tradition and nobility. And after spending 9 episodes thumbing her nose at both, all she can do now is weep and bemoan her fate, while everybody around her does the same. Why does she care at all now? Why are they trying to portray being the absolute ruler of this stupid little fief as actually being shackled to a bunch of randos? They even go out of their way to point out that the king's still got another 40 plus years of ruling in him, but sure. We need to get all existentially mopey about this right now.

Meanwhile, because they need to work Euphie in to the plot somehow, here comes Rando 2 to induct her into the magical spirit club. But it comes with a horrible cost, eternal youth and immortality. No, not the invulnerable kind. Just the kind where you live until someone stabs you as eternally beautiful, immune to all ailments. The horrible cost is that you will outlive your loved ones. So you're isolated? No, we're having tea right now and I've been a family friend all their lives. But you will know people who die. Uh, yeah, lady. Of all the attempts to sell immortality as a curse, this is one of the most half-assed. Relationships, family or romantic, aren't suicide pacts, you sociopath.

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