Magical Revolution #10 — But Nobility! And Traditions!

March 8th, 2023


Why exactly do we suddenly care about this now?


We're already making it clear that this last arc is going to be attempting to rival the previous two for stupidity. Sure, her entire character has been thumbing her nose at nobility, traditions, and all that nonsense, but now she has to take over the throne, so there's nothing more important in the world than nobility and traditions! And it is such a heavy burden. Look at how sad she is. Listen to how melancholic the music that plays. And it's our jobs as her loyal slaves servants to angst alongside her, clutching our fists helplessly about how we have to obey nobility and tradition because it's nobility and tradition!

So goes the whole episode, bouncing from one person to the next. All named characters must weepily lament the horrible burden of power that she can supposedly do nothing about, forcing her to sacrifice everything to be the absolute ruler. I mean, it's not like she'd be the absolute ruler. Let's all cry about how unfair it is to be the tyrant by birthright. Meanwhile, we go into town, and almost literally the first thing out of every random person's mouth is "who gives a crap about your royal soap opera nonsense?" How will our protagonists get up the courage to… go right back to not caring about nobility and traditions? An entire goddamned arc to end the show on that. Thrilling.


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