Magical Revolution #09 — Just a Flesh Wound

March 1st, 2023


At least they animated this episode.


Well, at least unlike Iceblade, this actually shovels some money into its big arc-ending fight scenes. I do appreciate that, particularly in a season where mediocrity is a high point. Does it make up for the past three episodes that had no budget whatsoever? No. Does it manage to work out any of its godawful writing and character issues? Good god, no. But at least as far as just the parts where two people are bashing each other with magical weapons, it looked good and didn't get bogged down in them standing ten feet apart, explaining their powers to each other constantly.

That is where the praise ends. All the same problems remain. The side characters continue to have little more presence than bushes in the background. The whole attempt to 'redeem' the murderous self-centered megalomaniacal prince because he felt inadequate is laughable, and just ends in yet another goddamned "the protagonist is the most perfect ever" speech. Vampire girl was saved by apparently having a little bit of extra vampire in her that completely fixes her with about 2cc worth of blood, delivered through kiss, of course. And the fight ends with one of the background bushes yelling "You can't fight! You're family!" Excuse me, lady. He is an unrepentant attempted murderer who ripped out someone's heart to transform himself into a monster to better murder people out of pure spite as part one in his plan to overthrow the entire kingdom in a bloody revolution, cackling madly and being driven by pure hate. A little goddamned perspective here, please.  


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