Iceblade Sorceror #09 — Perfectly Symmetrical Violence

March 2nd, 2023


Has there ever been a shot where that doesn't look stupid?


They definitely lost control of the script here, which, admittedly, was vastly superior to the first half's relentless gaslighting. I could've at least understood Amelia losing, but accepting it and resolving to try even harder next time. There's dignity in failing but picking yourself back up. But no. She whipped some secret power out of her ass, immediately stopped using it for no reason, and then just arbitrarily won, again for no real reason. Then a whole speech about how this was a result of how hard she tried. Except no, it wasn't. As soon as trying got hard, she ran away. Repeatedly. She didn't try her best. She spent ten minutes giving up because trying her best was too hard. So what lesson did she actually learn here? How was her character tested and how did she grow? She didn't. She just stopped feeling sorry for herself after being handed a win for no real reason.

And then we have the entire epilogue to this weird arc, starting with the big baddies heads all exploding, which set expectations… I wouldn't say high, but it would've certainly livened up Amelia's side of the plot. Then the random dude declares himself to be the protagonist's rival… in a year. Uh, that's some real optimism here about the show lasting that long, from both the character and the writers. You'd think they'd just cut a scene they're obviously never going to get to. And then we drop all of that because it's time for a maid cafe! Yes, the final four goddamned minutes of the episode are all about that cliche… to come in full next week as some other girl gets sold off to sexual slavery. Yay.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chipp12 says:

    >immediately stopped using it for no reason
    Didn’t they say that this power is too taxing for her engram or whatever and that’s why she started bleeding from her orifices?

  • ark noir says:

    Superboy watching red and white fighting like the referee in Karate champ.

    Red loses to white when they were younger in sparring: red dumps white as a friend and has self imposed complex

    red beats white in finals with bs power: We bestest friends now.

    f*ck red and her ego.

    p.s Lol at not-samurai unnecessarily joining a tourney just to show the ‘ordinary’ he can beat students with his powwaarr. just walk up to super boy and show him.

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