Humongous Beings of Ars #11 — Deworming

March 17th, 2023


Why does every culture in this world play the flute?


Uh, so, the last boss is going to be… some dragon worms and Facade just randomly going berserk, looking for the already dead scientist dude? Wasn't there some doomsday cult or invading aliens that we were supposed to be dealing with? No, not the weird-ass cult of pseudo elves living in their giant empty mausoleum, where they have a giant pulsating rock that steals the power from girls in a ritual. They're the good guys… apparently. Though I am certainly still giving them one hell of a side-eye. But honestly here. Some random worms? How did this civilization survive at all if it's being brought to the brink of destruction by a couple random roaming monsters, something like the tenth incarnation of which we've seen in the show thus far? Shouldn't that one woman knight be making herself useful at literally any point?

Anyway, that's far more interesting than the first half, which was just a recitation of how precious and wonderful Kumi is for being young and not jaded like the adults in the room. Milking the Ali MacGraw disease to its absolute fullest, even as she only becomes more self-sacrificing and full of life. It hardly even matters if they do have the balls to kill her or if she becomes a magical spirit or whatever, or even just back out and say the magic ring fixed things. There's one more episode of this, and about a -32% chance to wrap things up in any intelligent or satisfactory way.


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