High Card #12 — Gun-Haver Trumps All

March 27th, 2023


Pretty sure your plan would've been fine if you hadn't wanted to do it at the top of a ferris wheel.


First things first. It does end with an announcement of season 2, which I'll probably continue with, but I won't exactly be eagerly waiting for it. The (non) ending here was just a return right back to the status quo with very half-assed handwaving over Chris's whole plan. Oh, it got interrupted, so it half worked, not killing him, not fully healing his sister. Only that one antagonist woman got slashed and then gutted without the overall antagonists actually accomplishing anything. Why they wanted to help Chris? Not explained. Why they just sent a bunch of randos to the palace? Who knows. Why did the leader of the good guys not want them to stop Chris but also not seemingly care about all this betrayal? Radio silence.

Not the best of endings even to just this arc then, but particularly when going off on some months, possibly years, break. Everybody got their moment at least. It was nice to see the crazy girl again since the animation takes an uptick when she shows up. Would've been even nicer if the fight was for some reason besides a random woman inscrutably stepped out to say they shall not pass. It is what it is, I guess. Hopefully the second season can be a little more focused and story driven.


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One Lonely Comment

  • CatsZ says:

    if 4 cards cause death why not just use 3 to get a similar effect without lethal drawbacks? why did not Chris’s batman father think of it, is he stupid?

    Seriously this is not going to get season 2. When the show started I was intrigued but it was dead to me by ep 4-6