High Card #11 — Long Speeches About Family

March 20th, 2023


One of my favorite thing in anime after flashbacks.


This arc has just been so bizarre to me. They're still introducing new characters even in the eleventh hour, the actual antagonists are skulking around in tunnels or popping up out of nowhere to inscrutably help the protagonists against the other antagonists, most of the protagonist team has been exiled to Serbia for some completely different plot thread that doesn't even really kick off until a couple minutes from the end of the episode, and speaking of which, it takes 15 minutes for anybody to realize that Chris's plan is to that he's going to do something rash to save his dying sister. Shouldn't that have been the very first thing that they expected?

And that's just where we end things after three straight speeches about how everybody is family, and then yet another new character pops up to shoot Chris in the head, apparently completely forgetting that his power exists. Seriously. What's with the three new characters this episode? That's on top of trying to work in every single other side character, no matter how inconsequential. I think only the grizzled cop didn't show up. Whatever nonsense magic they pull out of their butts next week, it'll be impressive if they actually manage to come up with anything even vaguely approaching an actual ending.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I know it was not main focus of the show but I just “love” how rookie cops subplot went nowhere and amounted to nothing, good thing we followed it.