High Card #10 — Management By Child Murder

March 13th, 2023


I don't think that's in the big book of motivating employees.


I feel like if you've been collecting cards for the last twenty plus years, and only have seemingly around ten or fifteen, most of which have been picked up in the last couple weeks, you're probably doing something wrong. It was another origin story for Chris of all characters, about how their boss is and has always been a sociopath, happy to murder his subordinates kids in front of them just out of general spite, which pissed her off so she quit and ran off. And… that's kind of it for her and Chris's story here.

Leaving aside the issues with the timeline, I guess some kind of friendship final arc for Chris and Finn? We're certainly not resolving any of the dangling character arcs like the crazy sword girl. Also, has the vine dude even had an episode at all? We're two episodes from (seemingly) the end of broadcast, which is a bit late to be introducing seemingly some yet extra new power from… collecting some specific cards? Chris is presumably out for revenge or to revive his dad/heal his sister, though neither really explains why he'd want or need to shoot Finn. Almost feel like it'd be better if he had said nothing and left the suspense over whether it was someone shapeshifting or puppet mastering him instead.


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