High Card #09 — World’s Dumbest Criminals

March 6th, 2023


How has this idiot not already been caught?


Remember the crazy cult of fire people worshipping some idol in an abandoned warehouse? They had more braincells than the antagonists who we're apparently making a whole arc out of, four episodes from the end. Elmer Fudd would probably give these screaming imbeciles a run for their money. The entire yelling conversation was closer to something you'd expect in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, coming on the heels of Finn getting his groove back… en route apparently to spend some time in the wildnerness communing with spiritualists. Which seems like a much better way to get your groove back than an energy bar and just being told it's not your fault.

Despite being dropped in medias res to a terrorist attack/assassination, this ended up being more of a setup episode, but as per the above, the setup was not great. The antagonists could probably be outwitted by a clever golden retriever, and Finn's mental recovery appears to be both too simple and abrupt, and pushed out to next week. We're not getting any closer to a finale either, despite there only being three episodes left. Presumably that means another cour is coming? That seems ambitious from this show, when just trying to haphazardly throw something together in an episode or two is much more the anime industry's style.


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