Chonky UMA of Ars #10 — Speedrunning the Dungeon

March 10th, 2023


Why are Biggs and Wedge back?


I was really expecting a lot more from raiding the secret lab. They kick down the door, beat the rival in about 30 seconds, take down the entire army of clones in another 30, people start turning into evil golems, then Kumi awakens the big daddy golem and makes it eat Dr. Mengele. Oh, and did I mention that the episode starts out by revealing yet another faction of quite literally Random Dude plotting to undermine the evil mad scientist for his own inscrutible purposes? Well, at least one of the hojillion factions got eaten by a giant monster this week… although in normal cases, there's no way I'd call that dead. Also, did they just leave the giant evil golem there? Seems irresponsible.

And yet, there's still nearly eight minutes of the episode left for that one lady to roll up with her weird cult and declare that aliens gods are coming to destroy the world because it has accumulated too much mojo, whatever the hell that means, ergo they're going to seal everybody's power with their heretofore unmentioned magical sealing magic. Also, Kumi is dying, says this random woman who is apparently an expert on homunculus clones. Is this really her entire purpose? Why do I get the sense that we're cramming what was originally envisioned as the back half of a 60 hour RPG into approximately 3 episodes? 

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