The Iceblade Sorceror #08 — Pity Party

February 23rd, 2023


Nice PJs.

I had mentioned I was tired of and done with Spy Room last week, but guess what show is on at least a week's hiatus for Covid! Same with Kubo. I think we're almost to double digits of shows this season that have been delayed due to Covid. In 2023. 


There's likely some version of Amelia's character arc that isn't completely ridiculous, but this ain't it. I ran away from my training, I spent all day curled up in a ball feeling sorry for myself because people have high expectations of me, so why am I not the best there ever was!? Life is so unfair! Frankly, I find the confident girl with the love and support of her wacky family to be far more interesting than this sad sack who's better suited to be the antagonist of this arc, learning some damn humility, not justifying all her self-destructive tendencies. And why is she even imagining the random other side characters anyway? Has she even had a single conversation with any of them? None of them even exist outside of Ray, let alone ever interact with her. Nothing about this character arc has tracked at all.

And then we have the B plot, a bunch of randos who are there to… I don't know… menace some kids or something. Which for some reason has required continuous introductions of new characters while they keep forgetting to do anything with them. Both the pink thing and now Random Dude, popping up seemingly solely to show up after the fact and say good job. You'd think they'd be teasing that he's the actual big bad for the arc, but they still haven't gotten around to that either, if there even will be one at all, or that half-assed "I cast blizzaga at everything" was the extent of the evil thwarting for this entire arc. 

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