The Iceblade Sorceror #07 — The Maidens Are Falling For Me

February 16th, 2023


Seducing everybody's lesbian sister, are we?

Spy Room bored me out of my last shred of good will. The episode was focused on the animal girl, but it was the same as all the others. The character wasn't actually developed. The dude's I'm-a-genius-who-outplayed-you stuff was all handwavey magic offscreen. She had literally one idea, to use animals to carry water to help clean windows, and they declared that some kind of dramatic character moment. Still no story developing, actual humor, anything. Even with as bad as this season is, my tolerance for it has run its course. At least this is a complete mess flailing about in every direction at once. That's better than watching paint dry.


Well, I completely misjudged what the whole crossdress and invade the other school was all about, but I think to be fair, I doubt most people would be expecting that the actual answer was that he had no plan or purpose to it whatsoever and we'd be dropping it after about six minutes. Seriously. I… guess it was to scope out the rival girl? But all he really did was bump into her (sister), chat, and then leave. I somehow doubt this will be a Chekhov's gun for the future. Then he bumped into and seduced someone else's sister as well, which was also an out of nowhere scene that I have zero faith is actually foreshadowing for anything at all. 

For some reason, we then go visit his mentor with the whole cast, again for seemingly no reason. Presumably for the fanservice bit, but they skipped over that because apparently someone got the story boards mixed up and it was supposed to be the ED for the episode. And then it's tournament day… apparently. Didn't they make a whole schtick out of how there were like half a dozen people from each school? I guess all the rest are nobodies, but somehow, the tantruming idiot from the first arc made it in as the designated jobber to the rival girl. At least it all continues to be a giant mess. That's as much as I'm hoping for at this point.

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