The Iceblade Sorceror #06 — When The Going Gets Tough

February 9th, 2023


The tough have sexual fantasies about their friends.


All right. Fine. This episode's weirdness won it at least a couple more episodes, which is probably enough to string things along to the end. Not for the character drama or what was meant to be development. Good god no. That was as horrendous as Magical Revolution. Hell, I don't even know why he's such an ass to the pink thing. She seems fine and hardly even acknowledged him until walking in on him trying to backstab her. Anyway, the red head is angsty because she has the burden of high expectations, but wants to become super duper ultra strong so she can match up to her childhood friend at the regional interschool tournament. So Ray offers to train her, and this is where the comedy begins, intentional and otherwise.

The sentai schtick of dressing up in a mask and doing generic martial arts montage is the absolute lowest end of it. Facing any hardship in training for the first time ever, she immediately runs away, hides, and starts having wet dreams about her classmates, female and male, which are interrupted by Ray chasing her around with a ladel. So he goes to his beefcake club and talks them into first being her cheer squad, but also into buying him a dress and wig. Because thus begins the cliffhanger for apparently the rest of this arc, Ray crossdressing to pretend to be a girl, infiltrating another school in a cardboard box, presumably so he can infiltrate the tournament and secretly fight her. What even is this script? This is the kind of utter disaster that I can at least laugh at. 

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